Tonka Strandgatan vy

New restaurants in Umeå

A culinary boom has been going on in our destination for some time now. Every year new restaurants are added and deliver new trends and taste adventures to both Umeå residents and incoming visitors.


Brasseri NòrBrasseri NÒR. 

New restaurants and bars

Facit Bar


With Swedish distilleries, local ingredients and old preservation methods, Umeå's new bar initiative Facit Bar aims to become one of the world's best bars. 

Tonka Strangatan restaurang Umeå

Tonka Strandgatan

Modern, cozy and relaxed restaurant where much of the ingredients come from northern forests and farms. The selection on the menu varies regularly according to season and feeling.

Brasseri Nór

Brasseri NÒR

In this restaurant with a rooftop terrace by Umeälven you can enjoy the chefs creativity and courage. Ingredients from  local lakes and forests. Opens on September 27.

Guilty Pleasure restaurang Umeå

Guilty Pleasure Café

Here we talk good food without rules. Good drinks and snacks whenever you feel like it in a vibrant environment.

More newly opened restaurants & bars

  • Kaffe cava – A local place with a smaller but more exclusive range.  All coffee comes from Costas in Umeå, and among the bar's six different cocktails, all contain either coffee, Cava or both. The food concept is that everything is served on waffle.

  • Novas Steakhouse - A classic steakhouse, bar & grill. They serve lunch on weekdays and has an á la carte menu with a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian. 

  • Klang Market in Utopia Shopping - Brunch, lunch, dinner AW packages and cocktail bar with a new liquor theme every month. 

  • Viskningar och Rop - With the 30th anniversary came a grand re-opening in Scandic Plaza's lovely restaurant. When the weather fails, the Verandan opens its warm embrace to hungry guests.

  • Lilla Torget at Avion Shopping - Here you will find bowls with fresh ingredients, freshly squeezed juices and other goodies prepared with care and love.

  • Brödernas i Avion Shopping - Brödernas is a fast growing restaurant chain that serves burgers and pizza of the best quality. 

  • Smak bar och bistro - At Smak bar och bistro the vision is to create a place where it feels like stepping into a home, somewhere to stop by and at the same time share the passion the restaurant has for good flavors.

  • Lion Bar - For Lion Bar, it's about the whole experience. Everything from the simple but good food to the beverage - always at the best possible price.

  • Hälsobaren - Offers you as a guest a healthier alternative in everyday life, with fresh salads and smoothies. Quick, easy and good with tasty and useful ingredients.

  • Restaurang Östra Kyrkogatan -  Neighborhood restaurant known for its fantastic burgers, Neapolitan pizza, soup, pasta and salad. 

  • Rökstugan BBQ - Barbecue lovers look here! At rökstugan you are offered wood-fired love where Texas is infused with "Norrland". 

  • Allstar - A sports bar that has opened at Vasaplan in Umeå.