Hållbara restauranger i Umeå - Gotthards Krog

Sustainable Restaurants

Own vegetable cultivation, seasonal and organic. Umeå's restaurants work with a strong focus on sustainability.


Gotthards Krog

Food & Climate Network

The Food & Climate network is a nerwork in which several of Umeå's restaurants and school kitchens participate to contribute together to a more sustainable restaurant industry. The participants in the network make every effort to reduce their impact on the climate and the environment, and collaboration is permeated by a transparency where the restaurants openly show how they work with sustainability in the business.

Tips på hållbara restauranger

Gotthards krog i Umeå

Gotthards Krog

With a focus on small-scale and good ingredients, dishes are offered that mix international flavours with those from Northern Sweden. The restaurant is almost self-sufficient in vegetables from the restaurant’s own vegetable farm by the Umeälven river. The restaurant is KRAV marked in level 2. 

Bastard Burgers

Bastard Burgers

For the love of the burgers. It's all about good meat, good bread and awesome burgers! The idea is simple, serving the best street food burger you've eaten.

Tonka Strandgatan i Umeå


Modern, cozy and relaxed restaurant where much of the ingredients come from northern forests and farms. The selection on the menu varies regularly according to season and feeling. Medlemmar i Hållbara restauranger. 

Tips on how to be more sustainable when you visit a restaurant:

  • Choose vegetarian, locally produced or organic as far as possible.

  • Choose an eco-labeled restaurant

  • Dare to ask the staff about the origin of the food

  • Avoid buying bottled water - drink tap water