Despite the ongoing pandemic, there are all possibilities to find your Christmas spirit! Christmas in Umeå offers a number of different activities that can be experienced safely and securely. Here we have listed all the activities and events you need to check out to ensure a wonderful Christmas time!
Information on this page applies to Christmas 2020!

Julbord Bistro Le GarageFoto: Bistro Le Garage


Christmas food in Umeå

Find your Christmas spirit and clear your mind for a while with good food and drink in wonderful settings. On our page about Christmas food we have listed different types of Christmas smorgasbords – all corona-adapted, however served in different ways. Find the option that suits you best!



Avion shopping jul
Bild: Avion Shopping 


Christmas at Avion Shopping


Fulfill a child's wish

Not all families can afford Christmas presents. Together with the aid organization Giving People, Avion Shopping has collected wishes from children in our immediate area who live in financial vulnerability. Read more here about how you can give a child a nice Christmas to remember.


Christmas Pop Up Stores

Before and during Christmas, several pop-up stores will open in Avion. Some are recurring from previous years and some are new. Read more about Christmas Pop Up stores here.


The Christmas mystery on Avion

The story is about an unusual Christmas where Santa has had to lay off both elves and reindeer. And the mysterious Ojulen who spies on Santa. This year, you can follow The Christmas Mystery on Avion Shopping's social media. If you stop by the shopping centre, all children can pick up the book and a craft bag in the Avion Info & Lounge. Read more about the Christmas mystery on Avion here.



Julen i Umeå centrum


Activities in Umeå city centre

Christmas in downtown Umeå offers a number of different events, ranging from atmospheric Christmas decorations, an exciting Christmas gift hunt and Santa's own mailbox. Here we have listed a selection of the activities and events that take place in Umeå city centre:

  • Send your wishlist to Santa Claus 

  • Compete in the Big Christmas Gift Hunt and win a gift certificate worth up to SEK 5,000

  • Experience the Christmas of All Times in Utopia

  • Visit the Christmas world in MVG

  • Look at the Christmas storefronts by the creator Lisa Karlsson

  • Visit the gingerbread exhibition at Fika!

  • Watch Christmas movies on Kungsgatan

  • Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with fire baskets, Christmas trees and Christmas lights

Read more about Christmas in Umeå city centre here.



Gårdsbutik i Vännäs


Cosy Christmas outings


Take a winter stroll along Hälsans stig

Put on your thermo pants and take a winter stroll along the Umeälven river. Hälsans stig (i.e. Path of Health) runs in varied settings and extends over to the island Ön, among other places. Make a stop at the cosy café Eljest for a cup of hot chocolate and a saffron cake as you pass by, and then continue towards the city centre along Strandpromenaden, the path by the riverfront. Why not finish with a take-away bag from one of the restaurants in the centre of the city?


Make your own version of Formstråket

Formstråket is the name of an event which is a collaboration among companies around Nordmaling. Several times a year, they coordinate their opening hours, so that you can make an excursion and visit all the companies on one single day. Now the companies are encouraging visitors to make their own version of Formstråket, spread out over the Christmas weeks. Botanize among local design and beautiful art, have lunch at a farm shop and finish by buying some good bread from a farm bakery. A day along Formstråket is a nice activity that has become highly popular in the region. All information can be found here


Visit a farm shop

Take the family on an excursion to a cosy farm shop. Gamla salteriet outside Obbola will in December organize a Christmas market on a smaller scale. There will be julmust (i.e. traditional Swedish Christmas soda) and mulled wine, textiles, woodwork, home baked goodies, posters, trays, mushrooms and more for sale outdoors.


Find the Christmas gifts at Kulturmejeriet 

Visit Kulturmejeriet in Röbäck (Skravelsjövägen 2) and fill the Christmas gift bag with locally produced handicrafts. Ceramics, textiles and steel by the house's own artisans are for sale in a cosy, airy and corona-adapted shop. Open Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 4 pm until December 20. Röbäck Glas & Lera is also found in Kulturmejeriet. Here, an icon exhibition is currently on display.

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