Here you will find answers to common questions regarding Rally Sweden 2022.


Where in Umeå is Rally Sweden held?

Rally Sweden will be held in several different places in Umeå.

Red Barn - This is the arena built on the I20 site. Here you can see when the cars pass at high speed up close.

Skeppsbron - Here, entertainment will be offered near the center by the Ume River. This is also where the After Rally party takes place.

Rådhustorget - In central Umeå, there will be activities for the whole family.

Noliaområdet - This is where the teams are hanging out during the rally days. If you have the festival pass you can visit the service center and see the cars up close. This is also where the press center is for journalists.

More information about the different areas here


Do I need to bring any personal documents other than my ticket?


To enter Rally Sweden's various areas, you must be able to show your personal ID card or passport.

It is important that all visitors bring these documents with them to reduce the risk of queues entering the various areas, so make sure that you have them on you.


Can I get my ticket on my phone?


Your ticket to Rally Sweden is only available in physical form. You can not get your ticket digitally.


Where can I find the program for Rally Sweden?

Rally Sweden's program will be available shortly.


How do I find accommodation?

Many are now looking for accommodation, whether it is in a hotel, hostel or private. 

Find your perfect rally accommodation


How do I rent out my accommodation?

Many are considering renting out their accommodation and Rally Sweden can help you.


How do I get to Umeå?

Here you can find a map to Umeå and also how to book a travel package.  


Got a question about Rally Sweden 2022 tickets?

For questions regarding, for example, the purchase, price and cancellation of tickets to Rally Sweden 2022, we refer to Rally Sweden's own website.


Do you have a question regarding parking or transport?

Information regarding transport during Rally Sweden is not yet available.

General FAQ regarding parkning and transport in Umeå


How is Rally Sweden affected by covid-19?

The spread of covid-19 continues and this is something we must all help to counteract. 

You can read more information on the page Covid-19.


Where can I eat during Rally Sweden?

Umeå can proudly offer many places to keep your hunger away. Whether you are craving something small or big, you will not be disappointed. During Rally Sweden, we will also have extra food tents and food trucks at the various areas connected to the rally.

Information regarding places to eat at the different Rally Sweden areas is not yet available.

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Frequently asked questions regarding the city of Umeå

For common questions Visit Umeå usually gets regarding the city of Umeå, we refer to the page FAQ. You can also find it at the bottom of the page in the black box.