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What types of tickets are there for Rally Sweden?

There are four different types of tickets: Festival pass, Day ticket, Arena ticket and VIP. You will be able to buy tickets at selected Coop stores around the Umeå Region and at the entrances to the rally. It will also be possible to buy tickets at Rådhustorget in Umeå city center between 15-17 February.

More information about the tickets is available on Rally Sweden's website


Do you have another question regarding tickets to Rally Sweden?

For questions regarding, for example, the purchase, price and cancellation of tickets to Rally Sweden, we refer to Rally Swedens own website.


Stages & Areas


Are you allowed to bring a bag to the Red Barn Arena?

The bag ban only applies to the fenced-in area of the Red Barn Arena. Rally Sweden therefore encourages visitors to arrive at the arena well in advance.

Exceptions: There are two exceptions to this ban: baby bags for children up to 3 years old and bags for medical needs. If you have a bag for medical needs, it must be adapted to its purpose and be as small as possible. The bag may only contain medicine and medical equipment.

Bags are prohibited & body search is mandatory at the Red Barn Arena.


Where in Umeå is Rally Sweden held?

Rally Sweden will take place at several different locations in Umeå.

The Red Barn Arena - This is the arena built on the I20 site. Here you can see the cars passing by at high speed up close. Festival pass, VIP, day ticket or arena ticket required to enter. 

Rådhustorget - In central Umeå there will be a large screen where you can follow Rally Sweden, seating with coffee facilities and activities for the family.

Umeå Service Park (Nolia) - This is where the teams stay during the rally days. Here, with a festival pass, you can visit the service center and see the cars up close. This is also where the press center is for journalists. Open to the public, no ticket is required to visit the area.

More information about the different areas can be found here.


Is there a map for the stages?

Yes. Here you can find the map to the stages.


Can I pay with Swish or card on the stages?


CASH ONLY applies to Rally Sweden's stages. Make sure to withdraw money well in advance.

At Forex Bank (Renmarkstorget 7) you can exchange currencies.

Here you can find ATMs in Umeå


Where can I find programs for Rally Sweden?

Here you can see Rally Sweden's program and lots of other useful information

Here you can see the opening hours for Rally in Umeå Centrum


Where are the stages during Rally Sweden?

Rally Sweden has published maps and times for the routes on their website. If you click on the names of the routes in the schedule, you can see the respective map, audience places and scooter trails in connection with the route.

Maps of the stages, both overview and specific stages




How do I find accommodation?

Many people are looking for accommodation now, whether it is in hotels, hostels or privately.

Find your perfect rally accommodation


Are there any hotel rooms available?

We recommend that you contact the hotels directly and ask them about accommodation.

Here you will find all hotels in Umeå and their contact details


How do I rent out my accommodation?

Many people want to rent out their accommodation during the WRC and Rally Sweden can help you with this.


Transport & Parking


How do I get to Umeå?

You will find information here!


How does it work to travel by bus during Rally Sweden?

In order to reduce traffic in the city and make it easier for those of you who want to get around during Rally Sweden, extra buses have been deployed during the rally days. You who have a rally ticket also travel FREE on all buses WITHIN UMEÅ (Citybuses, Ultra and Airport Buses). The city buses to Red Barn Arena depart from Vasaplan

Information about traveling in Umeå

Information about city buses during Rally Sweden 

Information about buses to the stages


How is car traffic affected by Rally Sweden?

Rally Sweden means changed conditions for getting around by car in the Umeå region, for example closed roads and queues. Keep this in mind when planning your trip if you choose to take the car to the competition.

Keep yourself updated on Trafikverket's website


Where can I park during Rally Sweden (UMEÅ CITY)?

Rally Sweden organizes FREE PARKING 

You can find information about parking in Umeå city in general at UPAB or Aimo park. (This parking is not free of charge).


Where can I park during Rally Sweden (STAGES)?

Rally Sweden has made maps for each stage where all the information you need is available, for example where you can park. Click on the name of the stage you want information about and you will be taken to a new page with a map and information.

Here you will find information about all the specific stages


Where can I charge my electric car?

Nanna parking garage
Adress: Västra Kyrkogatan 13
Number of charging points: 48
Open: 00-24 (around the clock)

Järnvägsallén parking garage
Adress: Järnvägsallén 15
Number of charging points: 36
Open: 05-22

More information on UPAB's website


Where are there bus parking lots in Umeå?

We have information about parking spots here.

For questions regarding bus parking, please contact UPAB.


Is there parking and audience space for people with disabilities?


Holders of a disability parking permit can display this at the entrance to The Red Barn Arena. Drive in via Umestan Företagspark and follow the signs to the arena. The audience area is close to the parking area.
Entrance tickets must be purchased in advance.


Where can I use the shuttle service to get in/out of Red Barn Arena?

Travelers with shuttle service can get really close to The Red Barn Arena. Drive in via Umestan Företagspark and follow the signs to the arena. The audience area is close to the parking area.
Entrance tickets must be purchased in advance.


Food & Drink


Where can I eat during Rally Sweden?

Umeå can proudly offer many places to fill your stomach. Whether you're in the mood for something small or something that gives you a paltcoma, you won't be disappointed. Both Red Barn Arena and Umeå Service Park (Nolia) will have food facilities.

Learn more about restaurant offers during Rally Sweden

Learn more about our fantastic range of restaurants, bars and cafés


Which restaurants are open on Sunday?

Here you can see which restaurants are open on Sunday


Other questions


Are there any events connected to the rally outside the city of Umeå?

In Vännäs, events connected to Rally Sweden are held, both a Kick-off and a Cruising.

Learn more about Vännäs events here


What do I do if I get sick or hurt?

Region Västerbotten has made a guide with information about medical care in Västerbotten


Frequently asked questions regarding the city of Umeå

For frequently asked questions Visit Umeå usually receives regarding the city of Umeå, we refer to the page FAQ. You can also always find it at the bottom of the page in the black box.


Questions regarding Rally Sweden and Umeå municipality

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