Here you will find answers to common questions regarding Rally Sweden 2022.

This information is no longer relevant.


Where in Umeå is Rally Sweden held?

Rally Sweden will be held in several different places in Umeå.

The Red Barn Arena - This is the arena built on the I20 site. Here you can see when the cars pass at high speed up close. Festival Pass, VIP, Day Ticket or Arena Ticket required to enter. Cash payment only. 

Skeppsbron - Here, entertainment will be offered near the center by the Ume River. This is also where the After Rally party takes place. This area is admission free and no form of ticket is required to enter. Card payment only.

Rådhustorget - In central Umeå, there will be activities for the whole family.

Umeå Service Park (Nolia) - This is where the teams are hanging out during the rally days. If you have the festival pass you can visit the service center and see the cars up close. This is also where the press center is for journalists. Festival Pass, VIP, Day Ticket or Service Ticket required to enter.

More information about the different areas here


Can I pay with Swish or card on the stages and areas?


On Rally Sweden's stages, ONLY CASH applies. Make sure you withdraw money well in advance.


What types of tickets are available for Rally Sweden?

There are five different types of tickets: Festival Pass, Day Ticket, Arena Ticket, Service Ticket and VIP.

More information about the tickets can be found on Rally Sweden's website


Where can I buy Rally Sweden tickets?

You will be able to buy tickets at selected Coop stores around the Umeå region and at the entrances to the rally.

From February 14 you can buy tickets in these stores.


Can I get my ticket on my phone?


Your ticket to Rally Sweden is only available in physical form. You can not get your ticket digitally.


Where can I find the program for Rally Sweden?

Here you can see Rally Sweden's program and lots of other useful information

Here you can see the program for Rally in the city center where there will be fun activities for the whole family


Where are the stages located during Rally Sweden?

Rally Sweden has published a map and times for the stages on their website. If you click on the stages names in the stage schedule, you can see the respective maps, audience areas and snowmobile trails adjacent to the stages.


How do I find accommodation?

Many are now looking for accommodation, whether it is in a hotel, hostel or private. 

Find your perfect rally accommodation


How do I rent out my accommodation?

Many are considering renting out their accommodation and Rally Sweden can help you.


How do I get to Umeå?

Here you can find a map to Umeå and also how to book a travel package.  


Got a question about Rally Sweden 2022 tickets?

For questions regarding, for example, the purchase, price and cancellation of tickets to Rally Sweden 2022, we refer to Rally Sweden's own website.


How does it work to take the bus during Rally Sweden?

To reduce traffic in the city and make it easier for you to get around during Rally Sweden, extra buses have been installed during the rally days. You who have a rally ticket also travel for FREE with all buses IN UMEÅ (Citybussar and Ultra). The city buses to Red Barn Arena start from Vasaplan (Stop L) and Renmarkstorget. There are buses going to selected stages from Umeå, but also from Vindeln and Nordmaling.

All information about buses can be found on Bus during Rally Sweden


How is the car traffic affected by Rally Sweden?

Rally Sweden means changed conditions for getting around by car in the Umeå region, for example closed roads and queues.

The Swedish Transport Administration has put together a list of important information for you who travel by car


Where can I park during Rally Sweden?

Rally Sweden organizes FREE PARKING adjacent to the areas, see more info under "Hitta hit". These spots are of course limited so be there in advance so you do not miss anything.

Parking in Umeå city in general, you can find information about at UPAB or Aimo park. (This parking is not free of charge).

Rally Sweden parking map 

General FAQ regarding parkning and transport in Umeå


Where is there bus parking in Umeå?

At the bottom of our Bus page you can find information regarding bus parking in Umeå. For other questions regarding bus parking, please contact UPAB.


Is there parking and audience areas reserved for people with disabilities?


Holders of parking permits for people with disabilities can show this at the entrance to The Red Barn Arena. Drive in via Umestan Business Park and follow the signs to the arena. The public space is close to the parking area. NOTE! Entrance ticket must be purchased at COOP store in advance.


Where can I get in / out of Red Barn Arena with a mobility transport service?

Travelers with a mobility transport service can get really close to The Red Barn Arena. Drive in via Umestan Business Park and follow the signs to the arena. The public space is close to the parking area. NOTE! Entrance ticket must be purchased at COOP store in advance.


How is Rally Sweden affected by covid-19?

As of February 9, the majority of the restrictions regarding covid-19 in Sweden will be lifted.

You can read more information on the page Covid-19.


Do I need a vaccine pass during Rally Sweden?


Since covid-19 is no longer classified as a socially dangerous disease in Sweden, the use of vaccine passes has ceased. No vaccine pass will be required during Rally Sweden.


Where can I eat during Rally Sweden?

Umeå can proudly offer many places to keep your hunger away. Whether you are craving something small or big, you will not be disappointed. During Rally Sweden, we will also have extra food tents and food trucks at the various areas connected to the rally.

Information regarding places to eat at the different Rally Sweden areas is not yet available.

Read more about our fantastic restaurant, bar and café selection


Which restaurants are open on Sunday?

Here you can see which restaurants are open on Sunday and other extended opening hours


Frequently asked questions regarding the city of Umeå

For common questions Visit Umeå usually gets regarding the city of Umeå, we refer to the page FAQ. You can also find it at the bottom of the page in the black box.